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When it comes to technological innovation, new breakthroughs are happening every day. This is especially true of driver safety systems in modern cars. The evolution of these mechanics in the last few years has changed the way we drive today.

Since these features are somewhat new, it’s important to understand their purpose and how they work in order to ensure your car is working at its maximum potential. The team at JL Freed Honda is here to bring you some of the latest and most important safety features in new vehicles.

Forward-Collision Warning Systems/Autonomous Braking

This is a pretty obvious inclusion for the list, so we thought it made sense to put it at the top! Sensors, lasers, and radars constantly monitor your car’s speed and surroundings to sense whether an accident is imminent. If it does sense a pending accident, your car will immediately alert you with visual and audio cues. And if your vehicle has auto braking, that will force the vehicle to come to a stop.

Systems like these come heavily into play when dealing with even a semi-distracted driver. People aren’t perfect, and having some backup like crash avoidance systems can mean the difference between the best- and worst-case scenarios. It’s important to remember that features like this one aren’t always guaranteed to fully prevent accidents, but at the very least, they can minimize the severity.

Blindspot Monitoring

Blindspot monitoring also utilizes cameras and sensing elements to detect vehicles next to and behind you (or any other areas blind to the driver). Blindspot assistance will alert the driver visually, either on the odometer or side-view mirrors, so that the driver is aware of where the nearby vehicle is located. If the alerts go unnoticed and the driver turns their signal on to switch lanes, the driver will be warned via both visual and audio prompts.

Some versions of this feature will even apply brakes on one side of your wheels to encourage the vehicle to stay in its own lane to avoid an accident with an unnoticed car. Here at JL Freed Honda, we’re proud to have plenty of amazing vehicles in both our new and used inventory that come with safety features like this one!

Adaptive Headlights

This is one nifty feature! Adaptive headlights will curve and bend in relation to the direction you’re turning your steering wheel. Now, you may be asking how this can prevent an accident.

When you think about standard headlights shining while you’re turning a corner or going up a hill, they shine straight forward as opposed to illuminating the actual path that the driver is moving on. Adaptive beams assist in shining towards corners and turns to illuminate them clearly. In addition, they also use a self-leveling system to shine upward and downward as needed. This helps the driver to be more aware of what they’re driving towards and leave enough reaction time to prepare for any sudden obstacles.

Drowsiness Detection

While it’s not as common as other features listed here, this is a fantastic example of ingenuity in driver safety systems and car technology in general. This type of feature will record a driver’s steering patterns with a computer algorithm and store that data in order to compare any differentials in behavior and react or alert accordingly.

Other versions also utilize technology like lane assistance and monitor the vehicle’s placement on the road to watch for irregular movements that may suggest distracted/tired driving. Some luxury car models even have in-car cameras for eye detection monitoring to watch for rapid or extensive blinking. Visual and audio alerts will then notify the driver in order to keep them conscious so they can pull over somewhere safe if necessary.

Look for These Features and More at JL Freed Honda!

These are just the start when it comes to safety features aiming for a safer driving experience. Today, we’re fortunate to have a variety of safety mechanisms like these come standard in many new cars (and in a surprising number of used cars, as well), so who knows what’s in store for the next wave of innovation? If you’re looking for some of these features in particular, let our professional sales staff at JL Freed Honda know, and we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction! We are delighted to serve Montgomeryville and its surrounding areas.

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