Honda HR-V Near Conshohocken

2017 Honda HR-V

Living life to the fullest in Conshohocken means taking advantage of the unique opportunities we have in the area. As your local Honda dealer, JL Freed Honda suggests considering the Honda HR-V as a well-rounded and versatile vehicle.

Treat Yourself

One of the hidden treasures in Conshohocken is Edwards Freeman Nut Company. The sheer variety of candies will boggle your mind, and delight you in ways you might not expect. No matter your preferences, you'll find plenty to cherish in this shop, from different nuts to chocolates, fresh popcorn, and just about every kind of sweet imaginable.

Many people find themselves returning to this store, because it always delivers something satisfactory, no matter their mood. The Honda HR-V also will keep you hooked. The 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine pulls strong. A drive-by-wire throttle means excellent response when you press on the accelerator. The 6-speed manual transmission as well as the CVT help you stay engaged by providing quick and crisp gear changes. An available all-wheel drive means you can take on all kinds of conditions with plenty of confidence.

Challenge Your Mind

Instead of just mindlessly seeing a movie or hanging out at a night spot, take your friends to Project Escape. Located on Alan Wood Road, near Ikea, this local business delivers an experience you won't soon forget.

To play the game, you go in a room with your friends, and figure out a way out. Of course, you only have an hour to escape, so everyone must cooperate to succeed.

Many memories and bonds will form as you navigate through an intricate setup, giving you plenty to talk about afterward. As you drive home or anywhere else that night, the Honda HR-V will facilitate the discussion. You can fit up to 5 people, with plenty of space for everyone, so you can keep the conversation going. A power moonroof helps add to the spacious feeling, too.

Sometimes you need that extra space for more than just people. A second-row Magic Seat provides incredible versatility. Flip the seat bottoms up to accommodate taller items. The seat backs fold flat, along with the front passenger seat, so you can load particularly long things without a problem.

Explore History

To understand what life was like in the area during the 18th and 19th centuries, venture to Fairmount Park to visit the famous Belmont Mansion. The house serves as a museum, educating visitors about how the underground railroad operated. Workers will educate you on how people helped transport slaves from the South to secure locations in the North, where they could begin new lives as free citizens.

You'll also be impressed by the unique Palladian architecture. In fact, many people consider it the best example of the design in the entire United States.

You don't have to drive far to reach the mansion, or to get back home. But while you travel, the Honda HR-V will perfectly address your need for comfort. Modern amenities include automatic climate control, heated front seats, and a multi-angle rearview camera. The standard sound system includes Bluetooth streaming audio, so you can listen to anything on a connected device without cords.

Learn more about the Honda HR-V by setting up a test drive through JL Freed Honda.