How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Taking care of car maintenance is a good way to avoid future problems. Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so taking steps to protect it is wise. Chief among the regular car care items is getting an oil change. If you’re wondering how often you should do that, we at JL Freed Honda have answers. It’s a good thing to be concerned about this issue, because it very much affects how your vehicle runs.


The Old Rule

Back in the day, many people learned that you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. That rule was drilled into car owners’ heads so much, some still want to follow it. You might have been told by friends, family members, etc. this advice, which is well-meaning but wrong.

Thanks to modern advancements in engine design and oil composition, you don’t need to have a newer car’s oil changed nearly as often. You won’t be risking the engine seizing, components wearing down, or other big repairs.


Model Differences

Really, you need to follow the oil change intervals as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. These are tailored for the specific model you own, including the engine. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, since some engines need fresh oil every 7,500 miles, and others can go 10,000 miles or longer between changes.

You can get specific oil change information for your vehicle from a few different sources. If your car has the owner’s manual, it’s listed inside in the section about oil. This will help you understand what’s necessary to help maintain your vehicle.

Even without an owner’s manual, you can still get answers. The automaker’s website usually has oil change information. That recommendation is often in an owner’s portal or special portion of the site you need an account to access. Signing up for that is normally an easy process, and pays off big time.

If you want an even quicker and easier way to learn how often your car needs the oil changed, contact a local dealership’s service department. We’re always glad to provide that information, which is literally at our fingertips.


Extreme Factors

The oil change interval recommendation from your car’s manufacturer is based on normal use. If your car goes through more rigorous conditions on a regular basis, you might need to change the oil more often.

If you live or spend a lot of time in a particularly hot or cold climate, that can break down the oil faster. Driving often where dust is present in the air, like on dirt roads, will cause the oil to become dirtier sooner, making it necessary to change it and the filter out more frequently.

Believe it or not, taking short trips that are 5 miles or shorter often also can be hard on your car and the oil. If you travel in stop-and-go traffic often, that also wears out the oil sooner. Towing or hauling big loads regularly is another factor that makes more frequent oil changes a good idea.


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